LNG Satellite Plant (UAG-Socorridos) renews certification

At the beginning of this month, the LNG Satellite Plant (UAG-Socorridos) in Funchal, run by Grupo Sousa | Gáslink, had its Declaration of Compliance regarding the Safety Management System for the Prevention of Major Accidents involving dangerous substances (SMSPAG) renewed following the 6th annual audit to which it was submitted.

Following audits carried out over recent years by CERTITECNA, CONSULSAFETY and SGS, this year ISQ was responsible for evaluating the Safety Management System for the Prevention of Major Accidents at LNG Satellite Plant (UAG-Socorridos), and the auditor (qualified by the Portuguese Environment Agency) applied the demanding protocol arising from Decree-Law No. 150/2015 of 5 August.

Having detected no non-conformities, the auditor also recognised, among other strengths, “the high level of technical competence, in particular with regard to the safety of all employees”.

Gáslink has been operating in LNG Satellite Plant (UAG-Socorridos) since 21 March 2014, ensuring the storage, regasification and transformation of Natural Gas to supply the 3rd spacecraft of the Vitoria Thermoelectric Power Plant, for electricity production. In 2019, Natural Gas represented 19.6% of the electricity production mix in Madeira island, with Gáslink having successfully and safely carried out, to date, 8,960 LNG discharge operations at the inspected facility.