LNG Satellite Plant

Built to supply Natural Gas to the Vitória Thermoelectric Power Plant by E.E.M. (Madeira’s Electricity Company), is currently the largest infrastructure of its kind installed in Portugal, consisting of 2 LNG containers discharge stations, 3 cryogenic reservoirs (to store LNG) and various auxiliary equipment necessary for the regasification process, regulation, odorization and control for distribution to the final customer.

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/h Maximum flow rate
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LNG storage capacity

LNG Satellite Plant - Madeira

Discharge stations (1) – The LNG Satellite Plant is supplied through cryogenic LNG containers. The transfer operations are conducted by operators at the two stations, using cryogenic pumps and may occur simultaneously. The discharge stations allow LNG to be transferred to the storage reservoirs.

Storage  (2) – In 3 horizontal cryogenic reservoirs with maximum single capacity, of 200 m3, made up of inner (reservoir) and outer (containment) tank, equipped with thermal insulation.

Supply – The LNG Satellite Plant feeds a dedicated pipeline ensuring adequated pressure and temperature for the supply of Natural Gas to the Vitória Thermoelectric Power Plant. In order for the process to be carried out, the stored LNG must be regasified (transformation from cryogenic liquid to gas with a temperature above 0ºC) and processed so that it can be transferred. It ensures the safe operation of the equipment installed, as follows:

Regasification and heating unit (3) – To regasify the LNG so that it can be conveyed at the temperature of ≈15ºC in the pipeline.

Adjustment and measurement unit (4) – To ensure that the gas pressure into the pipeline is constant and within defined limits.

Odorization unit (5) – To odorise natural gas is an important element in the distribution and safe use of this fuel.

Management and control unit (6) – To ensure the autonomous operation of LNG Satellite Plant and remotely monitor key parameters such as pressure, stock, temperatures, gas detection, etc.


LNG Satellite Plant (UAG-Socorridos)

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